09 October 2015


It's not for nothing, but there is a lot of different things in life that can always keep you occupied or at least help you forget. Some things are not that easy to put behind you, to think about differently. Some things are fleeting memories you don't want to make disappear, but there is no other way to move forward. Each and every day to wonder how many times it has to be relived in order to be understood. There is the just idea of the law of threes. This will never stop being a reality, a truth. Compared to the music of angels harps, this is nothing, but it is different. Maybe, maybe just enough to keep you going. There is a lasting choking point, thrusted upon the bay of human treachery you'll find it, and it will be something you can see and feel just as well in your husky insides. That gut feeling. Don't forget to listen to it. It doesn't mean you have to run away, it  means you need to be ready for anything, to study, to be on your toes. Stick to your love, love to love. There is no greater joy than to be truly on your path, be it what it may, even if you're so afraid and it can't get any worse just know one thing, it can and it will but you're strong enough to take it and smart enough to stay alive. God-speed.

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