27 November 2015

You deserve each other, you and those monsters

There is no easy way to say this
but I've been thinking about turning
not running but rather
kind of like a werewolf thing
unexpected, transcendental,
not a kin to your kind anymore
I mean, who would want to be?

To be known as your ex lover
to be seen as someone you once held
it is repugnant, to think I shared myself
to the last drop, with the likes of you
your family, your friends, the lot of rats
merely scrapping by, because that is
all you know and can do.

Once I tried to help you, twice I did lift you up,
and yet three times you did betrayed me, then the fourth
you left me to die in their hands.
You knew exactly what you were doing
taking away from me all that I held dear
my own choice to say yes or no, to consent.
To you it was just a game to play
just another piece of meat to bite into.

I loved you, and I gave so much of myself to you,
and as before I was betrayed by a most heinous of acts
done by a heartless bitch just wanting to get rich quick
because you never knew how to sell your mind
the work you did with your hands wasn't enough
if it wasn't holding onto someones cock
and you couldn't do any good talking with your mouth
so you had to get on your knees and pray for milk
with your baby boy so he could eat.

You deserve all you get,
all of the lies you are fed,
all of the people who will use you,
you deserve each and every moment you hate
the smell of the garbage pickers on top of you
because your love is something to be sold
because you can be bought and traded like a commodity
there is nothing about you which is redeeming,
there is nothing about you which can be saved.

I do not want to belong to the same genus as you
I do not wish to be cataloged among the same lines
as someone who will sell their own blood young and fragile
as someone who will take pure love and corrupt it with hate
To be with you was a learning experience of all I do not want
To be with you was a task to be completed in order to grow
Now all I can think of is making my memories of you disappear
Now all I can think of is remembering you so I do not forget
Why I want to become something else
Why I want to be free of you.

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